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I’ve been too lazy to work on a post, so instead I’ll point you into some interesting things I’ve seen this week, all of them with a touch of controversy.

There had been a pair of posts at Juicy Bomb (BeReal, get real and Ricko Dagostino, what’s your problem) denouncing shark-like market practices. The problem is, to be objective we will need more testimonials so… did you had an experience like that? Write about it!

There is also another post by Lillie. I am partial in so many ways, positive and negative, that I’ll refrain from giving my opinion. Still, I believe it is very interesting to read… cum grano salis.

Also, I’ve got a review! Thank you, LisaMun, not only for your nice post, but also for donating one of your pictures for this post…

Do you think that has nothing to do with controversy? Maybe you will think different if I tell you she had no idea she was donating it? (Crosses fingers and hopes she will not mind ;-p)

It is assumed that it isn’t too bad to get a pic or two if you link to the origin, but where we should draw the line? To a scenary where everything in the Internet is consider as free, unless you defend it? Or to an extreme zeal that means nothing is safe from deletion?


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Hadn’t you ever had one of those days when you wake up in a happy daze, and you only want to spend the day smiling lazily?

Maybe that explains why today you only are getting  a link to a silly song :-)

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Land of confusion

SL is a world of huge contrasts: purity/naughtiness,  immersion/augmentation, and so on. It is a well known fact, but it is fascinating to see how deep it runs.

Following some blogs, you can see how some find the love of their live and, at the same time, a hard-core monogamists like Peter Stindberg embrace polyamory.

A woman with a male avatar asks for a Jira to voluntarily identify your gender while NWN publish a story about two straight guys who where women at SL, and felt in love between them knowing in advance they where RL men (don’t you think this is opposite? it isn’t a matter of gender, but confidence).

A blogger/designer risks being called unethical by launching the nice Happy Blogger Appreciation Week, while others keep crying about ethics while they don’t have any, as this (loooong) post dennounces.

And so on.

I love this. I really, really LOVE all this.

Before you start shouting, I know that not all love stories end well (even if hope hers will :-), that maybe not everybody is cut for poly (even if I hope he will :-), that yet another way of verification (even a voluntary one)  isn’t probably worth a Jira, that while some of us don’t give a damn about RL gender other may suffer deeply when they find that their beloved lady is a man. And that how little integrity matters today isn’t something to be enjoyied.

Without ignoring the dire side, the truth is we are too constrained at “real” life to experiment the changes we live at SL; here we have the potential to keep our minds and hearts thriving and healthy. We can take ourselves to the limit, and thus discovering them, or simply learn and grow reading interesting blogposts that spark our imagination.

And yes, I wrote all this because I want to spend hours commenting about all around and I can’t :-p. So do me a favour, follow those links and give your two cents *smiles*.

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Quick note: if you have a virtual business or are interested in having one, have a look at Virtual World Business, that shares great advice about them (advice I would follow myself if I wasn’t so lazy :-p).


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Lillie is back

After a long absence there is a new post at 2nd Sex, titled How little I know; and yes, I know I am ignoring the previous hints about her comeback, the post about her rezzday (btw, congratulations!) and a poem. But I stink at poetry, and this time there was something I would be able to comment about.

But the comments are closed there, so I thought I could add mine here (Welcome back, Lillian. Good post, but not only guys forget to call ahead, even if it is true they may be huge jerks.), and at the same time take the opportunity to add a link. *smiles*

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Ill, horny, depressed

Again, two posts in a day.

I have the flu, it is making a mess of me (so typical), cannot think straight (even more typical .-p) but cannot stop thinking, and here I am, doing some announcements:

– If flu lets me, at the end of this week I hope to have new products for Pandora; it has been too long since I worked at it.

– And so, If I want to work at it there is another fever I need to fight, and center myself: I will take a rest from blogging until next monday.

– After the monday I’ll start a combined group of posts about seduction, Pandora modules (yes, I said modules *winks*), love, friends’ shops and cybersex. The usual things I do to gather your attention and try to sell new items, but always in a truthful way.

– And while you wait for sexier pictures, here you have the new one I set at my profile :-)


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I was doing my morning reading and saw a link at Farie’s place to this post at Vint’s that somehow I had skipped; have a look! :-)

*White bunny runs out of time and runs away worrying about her clock*

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