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Deep cybersex

Note: for personal motives I wanted to stay in holidays and, indirectly, that made me remove this post, that wasn’t consistent with my mood. I don’t feel much like having it back (in fact, my next one will be about economics! *gawks*), but I have never deleted a post and I don’t want to start now :-p

This wasn’t the post I thought I would publish after coming back from my holidays; there where more interesting items, like what I had seen on the beach, the ayes and noes about RL disclosure or how different SL love can be for RL married and single people.

The deep (cyber)sex post has been resting in my draft folder for some months, and never seemed the right moment, or I hadn’t the right mood. Tonight, after some restless hours (it was two in the morning when I started writing this), I have decided that the wrong moment and the wrong mood could do the trick, as a sudden noise starts an avalanche, and so here you have it.


***Beware, this is definitely a NSFW post***



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If you don’t know the place, Primal Dreams is an erotical animation shop that also sells some single poses, cuddles and interesting sex toys.


If you feel like peeking, follow me after the cut :-)


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Is hard to be naughty

When meeting somebody, I behave in different ways: for some I am the nice and sweet friend, for others an impatient and dominant one. For some I love tenderly and timidly, and for others I can do the naughtiest things. I don’t choose to do it, simply happens that way.

The easiest answer would be that my personality is malleable, adapting to the needs and likings of a given person. It is also an annoying one, because nobody likes being compared with putty. Instead, I like to think that different sides of myself emerge when I match the right people.

Lately I have been neglecting my naughty side, and it is strange to see how something that is considered so rash and raw, needs to be cared to keep it from wilting. The friend and the lover come easily, but naughty London needs a lot of effort to show the dirt that is on her knees.

And because I don’t want to lose any side of me I have started exercising, trying to help the naughty London back; nothing too outrageous (by now :-p), only a silly joke and a naughty pic that I sent to some friends through e-mail, and that now I am publishing here after the cut. (more…)

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Doesn’t sound like a big thing, isn’t it? But why would you think if I said it was the first time?

My first boyfriend was, err, a tad slimy in the kissing department, and I didn’t like at all when he tried to reach my  uvula with his tongue. And so, since then I give short kisses, mouth half open, sometimes capturing a lip with mine or briefly licking it with the tip of my tongue.

Of course my second boyfriend and will be husband tried to French-kiss me, but I probably reacted in a way that it showed the little I liked the idea. I don’t know how many times it took, but he stopped trying. Even nowadays, when I see a tongue kiss in a film, I tend to think “gross”.

What about SL? Strange as it sounds, nobody tried it with me. Oh, I have had virtual tongues in my mouth some times, but always briefly, probably because I quickly changed the theme without even noticing.


Nobody had given me a long, wet kiss, where a tongue carefully intruded my mouth, finding its way between my weak lips, touching me deeply, caressing my palate and my tongue, exploring me deeply.

Nobody, until two days ago, at SL.

I can’t even explain how vulnerable I felt in that moment, where I suddenly noticed what I had denied to myself and to others. Timid, virginal and horny. Blood rushing to my face. Wanting to learn. Surprised.


I feel so tempted to stop writing here, those sweet kisses still lingering in my lips and, for first time, in my mouth.

But there are always two sides of a story, and so, excited and happy, yesterday I tried to French-kiss my husband.

He jumped at first, probably because I was too pushy. I didn’t like the touch of his tongue on my teeth, and felt strange stretching mine. There was way too many drooling involved.

He looked at me and asked what had bitten me, and I explained myself, of course lying like crazy in the process.

We tried again, slowly this time, only the tip of our tongues twirling. Slowly, very, very slowly. Sweetly.

We still are trying, learning. It is a new, playful sensation, and our own awkwardness makes us laugh. We are carefully learning to kiss, and we enjoy it.

Maybe by reading this you think, aha! See! That’s the difference between RL and SL!

And it is, and there is.

I love this RL kiss that brings me fun, tenderness and soft, new sensations.

I love this SL kiss that makes my mind and heart flare, because it connects deeply with me, without having to overcome the barrier of my inexperience.

I love the SL kiss that taught me to kiss my husband, and the RL kiss that taught me how it feels a loved tongue.

I love to kiss and be kissed, wherever I am, and plan to keep doing it *smiles*.


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Eros and sex

Romantic love gets in the way of my libido. You feel so high with wonderful feelings that they disable the more, err, carnal functions of your mind.

It may be a personal thing, since my libido never had been too big to start with. Long ago I understood that even if I enjoy “doing” it, I almost never am in the mood, so I decided to do the effort to get myself started when hinted by my husband, managing it once or twice a month, not a bad rithm for me :-p.

But I digress;  what I am trying to tell you is an interesting side effect of poliamory relations.

If romanticism blocks everybody’s libido, it is clear that emotions will need to evolve in monogamy relations, because if everybody stayed high and spiritual it would be hard for the human race to reproduce.  Romantic love must  give way a bit to let passion in.

But in poly relations you may find yourself romantically in love with somebody and at the same sharing your time with somebody else, another lover, who has more b0dily ideas; and maybe you don’t feel too much like doing it, but it isn’t a disgusting idea at all, because it feels good to give and receive love and caresses, an added sense of complicity when your heart is sweetly aching.

That happened to me, long ago. I fell in love and felt comfy and silly and giggly and happy and, when sharing it with another lover and the suggestion for a bit of intimacy arrived, I found it sweetly arousing.

So we started kissing and touching.

And I suddenly became a frenzied, hungry, primal beast, devouring my (probably lucky and surely surprised) partner.

I loved it, but it leaved me confused and slightly shocked. Saying I had some pent-up feelings is easy, but there was more; I remember the possessiveness,  the sensation of being in control, of willingly giving and taking, until I succumbed to erotism and crumbled into my usual babbling, typoing self at sex and having a quick and sweet orgasm.

Mmm… now is probably the time for a deep, meditated deduction, but the truth is thinking about it, only one idea comes to my mind:

Life can be so fucking good!

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FL/SL Sex: Reality check

I have got addicted to writing sex posts because:

1- Legendary Charisma‘s ones got me started.

2- God, what a lot of hits!

3- It is so fun writing them :-)

So even if I wanted to take a rest, I still had some ideas buzzing with needed typing, so here you have another one, just after the cut! Beware!



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RL sex, SL Sex: Faking it

This should finish my RL/SL series, so I can make some hud tutorials; if you think I am rushing (two post in two days!), you are right, and if I am lucky I will be able to tell you why.

As happened with the previous posts, please skip it if the rude rubbing of naked words makes you uneasy.



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