I know it isn’t considered true blogging to simply get the ideas from other people’s posts, but we are supposed to talk about what we experience, isn’t it? And what happens when we are mostly experience other people’s blogs?

Anyway, I was reading Zippora’s last post about playing at SL (but not SL), and I decided to link to it, because this weekend I got addicted to World of Goo, a little game in the line of Lemmings, and I had forgotten what was to feel involved in that way, the gaming feeling.

The problem is, SL has become too old for me to enjoy it as a gamer. I find the price per prim too steep to enjoy landscaping, and don’t even get me started about the claustrophobic feeling within our unnecessarily small sims. I admit LL is doing a good thing with the new land for Premium policy,  making it easier for new users to find a home, but I am afraid I have little interest in land myself.

I don’t find exploring fun anymore, mainly because the interactivity that is left for us is mostly finding places to sit and be moved around, but also because visuals have grown old; physics had always been shaky, as it is moving around.

In the other hand, World of Goo only lasted me three days; I reached the end after 15 hours of intense gameplay, and I am not the type to bother trying to reach perfect on each level. Considering I’ve enjoyed exploring SL for years, and that we had been promised a revamp of the graphics system, I wonder if it will be enough to awaken user creativity, filling again our world with the wondrous fifth element, surprise.

Worth waiting, I hope :-)



I’ve been too lazy to work on a post, so instead I’ll point you into some interesting things I’ve seen this week, all of them with a touch of controversy.

There had been a pair of posts at Juicy Bomb (BeReal, get real and Ricko Dagostino, what’s your problem) denouncing shark-like market practices. The problem is, to be objective we will need more testimonials so… did you had an experience like that? Write about it!

There is also another post by Lillie. I am partial in so many ways, positive and negative, that I’ll refrain from giving my opinion. Still, I believe it is very interesting to read… cum grano salis.

Also, I’ve got a review! Thank you, LisaMun, not only for your nice post, but also for donating one of your pictures for this post…

Do you think that has nothing to do with controversy? Maybe you will think different if I tell you she had no idea she was donating it? (Crosses fingers and hopes she will not mind ;-p)

It is assumed that it isn’t too bad to get a pic or two if you link to the origin, but where we should draw the line? To a scenary where everything in the Internet is consider as free, unless you defend it? Or to an extreme zeal that means nothing is safe from deletion?

Go and read Pearls of wisdom for Second Life, it is worth a smile :-)

(lazy, lazy me, stole the image from here).


New, and hopefully final (touches wood), version of Pandora POSE.

What are the changes?

As the promo shows I’ve upgraded the interface, taking most functions outside. I’ve also added an improved hide system, that will move the hud out of the screen, so you don’t stumble into invisible prims.

But the huge change is that now the hud comes with 121 freebie animations, categorized in 11 menus.

Yes, I’ve sorted my huge collection of freebie poses (including some I’ve made myself), deleting the ones I didn’t like, and arranging the rest in 16 packs of roughly 11 anims each; 163 in total. The problem is that my hud can only hold 121 (which isn’t a small number, I believe), so 42 had been left out, but I’ve set 0L$ vendors with the packs, so you can go to my shop and get the rest.

Also, I’ve set three more vendors. Two of them holds huds with around 80 anims each, so you can get the whole collection if you don’t mind to spend a bit more. The other one is an empty hud, so you can just add the animations (yours or from the packs) that you want. Since the anims are free, all of them cost the same, 195L$

Remember, POSE plays over yourself or other avatars (up to 10 can be arranged at the same time), stores permissions to avoid annoying pauses when your model goes AFK… I don’t dare to say it is the best pose holder than exist, but I am sure it is worth your money :-)

Da Vinci Gardens

One of the items I got at my Xstreet freebie spree was the Eye of Horus, because it would fit my oooooold gold ribbon outfit from Kya Eliot, combined with Saga’s jewelry in hands, feet and nose, and the incredible Bob IV hair from Detour.

To my surprise, the charm gave me a landmark, hinting it would protect me through an adventure. So I followed it, finding a mildly amusing Indiana Jones’ temple that we (Peter and I) explored later.

I could tell you the place is one of those points of interest of SL, worth visiting once to have a bit of fun, if it wasn’t for the teleporter at the end, which showed us the temple was only one of the attractions of the sim; there where beautiful submarine scenes (Jules Verne) with spaceship included,  strange travels through the blood stream (Asimov’s Fanstastic Voyage), volcanoes, paradisiacal beaches, and even Han solo in Carbonite!

So please, find some time and visit Da Vinci Gardens sim, I’m sure you will enjoy it :-)



There had been a lot of talk about the new Xstreet policy; it seems LL has decided freebies are bad for Xstreet economy, and are trying to make them impractical. This means they will lose the casual buyer sales, that sees something he likes while looking for free items; but also it will make hard for people to find free options, forcing them to buy what they need, and improving sales.

I have no idea of what will be the outcome; by now I’ll clutter my inventory with every interesting freebie that appears at places like Free*Style or Fabulously Free in SL, and wait to see what happens.

Another thing I’ve done is check the thousand freebie pages at Xstreet before the axe falls, and I’ve found some surprises, one of the best edge grafica, which has some awesome freebies; have a look at some samples:

At the end I got around 40 boxes at Xstreet, quickly checking and deleting half of them, which isn’t bad; I  managed to keep my inventory under 6k items *winks*.

I could give you the links to them, but that would only show my personal preferences; instead I’d like to suggest you to have a peek by yourself, it is a fun way to spend an afternoon…

…at least the first two hundred pages :-p.



It has been quite a while since I posted about retiring from SL emotional scene…. and guess…

It didn’t work. Still loving and being loved. But nobody can simply stop loving, isn’t it? At least I should be able to avoid new relations?

It didn’t work. Some people is so wonderful, you can’t avoid loving them. Of course, being close friends and hetero, the passionate side is somehow limited. Oh, yes, don’t get me started about when I said I would renounce to sex!

It didn’t work… much. Sex is a delicate thing, after all.

Stressful relations became easier. Old mistakes (mostly mine), if not forgotten, at least are forgiven. Some I am just learning to love, but very, very carefully and slowly. Some I loved so much, with such intensity… and now embers is all is left.

I am not deluding myself; I know it would only take a loving breath for those embers to jump into burning flames. But just now, it isn’t what I want. I keep the embers alive, and they keep me alive, too. That’s all I need.

And maybe roast some chestnuts.

When you have lived the peaks and the valleys, plains may look dull. But if you have seen the wind caressing the grass, the sun slowly hiding behind the horizon, you know there is a soft, quiet beauty in plains.

It feels like Autumn.